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We are experts in the evaluation and care of nonoperative sports medicine conditions and injuries – known as primary care sports medicine. As a board-certified, fellowship trained sports medicine physician, Dr. Michaud brings specialized treatment to patients of all ages and levels of activity, from weekend warriors to active adults as well as young, competitive athletes.

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sports medicine in kansas city.

Motus uses cutting-edge scientific advancements to offer minimally invasive procedures in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. Surgical intervention is not desirable or ideal for many patients. Our nonsurgical treatment options provide a more natural and less risky approach to relief of symptoms. Applicable to many orthopedic conditions and patients, this innovative practice positions Motus as industry-leading in orthopedics.

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When possible, Motus uses the patient’s own cells and growth factors to stimulate repair of tissues as opposed to traditional surgical methods that replace or remove these tissue. Treatments can decrease physical, emotional, and financial cost from time off work in comparison surgical recovery.