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Motus provides revolutionary joint treatments in Kansas City using biologics. Biologics can be used to treat a variety of conditions involving the joint. This ranges from the wearing down of the cartilage over time, known as osteoarthritis, to acute injuries from a sport or daily activity. Cartilage is the cushioning structure of which covers the bone portion of a joint. Cartilage wears down for a variety of reasons, potentially related to both genetics and lifestyle. Ligaments are the structures that bind a bone to another bone. Patients with partial ligament tears have resulted in successful treatment with the use of biologic treatments.

common symptoms

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Everyone can experience joint pain no matter your age, gender, or level of activity. Symptoms often include pain or stiffness, swelling, instability, or mechanical symptoms such as grinding and clicking. This can be due to a variety of insults to the cartilage, joint capsule, ligaments, or tendons.

Your initial consultation with Motus will be a standard office visit which may include X-rays and an ultrasound examination. After, we can determine the cause of your symptoms and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. Should you be a candidate for biologics treatment, we can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you have prior to scheduling your revolutionary joint treatments in Kansas City.

Cartilage/Joint /Ligament Procedures

key benefits of our Cartilage/Joint/Ligament treatments

Relief without a Replacement

The combination of stem cells and highly concentrated platelets can stimulate the regrowth of cartilage that has deteriorated over time or been injured. Cartilage cannot regrow on its own due to limited blood supply to the joint and a lack of healing factors within the joint. Motus obtains the stem cell/platelet substance from your own body so there is no risk of rejection. Then we use ultrasound guidance to inject the stem cells and platelets into the damaged areas to stimulate regrowth of tissue. Patients have significant relief of symptoms and are able to eliminate or prolong, the need for joint replacement.


Since there are no incisions or use of general anesthesia, the risks associated with stem cell treatments are minimal. In fact, the risks of bleeding and infection are less than .001% in comparison to surgical interventions which can vary a risk from 1-6%. This means that if you have other medical conditions such as diabetes, clotting disorders, or heart disease, which can make you a poor candidate for surgery, biologics could be an alternative treatment option for you.

Virtually no downtime

Biologic treatments do not involve traditional surgical methods which remove dead or damaged tissue. With a biologic treatment, there are no incisions involved. Patients are encouraged to continue activity as pain allows after receiving stem cell therapies. Immobilization is not a component of post-treatment care and most patients do not require time off of work. In cases of partial ligament tears, patients often initiate occupational and physical therapy programs within the first month of treatment.


Stem cell treatments are scheduled and conveniently performed the same day in our office. Revolutionary joint treatments in Kansas City typically takes up to an hour. A majority of patients report long-lasting relief of symptoms and are able to resume desired activities.