What are stem cells?

At Motus Bio, we treat patients every day for injuries such as sprains and strains, arthritis, and more. One of the first questions people ask us is “What are stem cells?” Understanding what stem cells are, where they come from, and how they work is paramount for our patients to comprehend why the treatment we do works.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a special type of cell that our bodies keep “on call” for injuries. These stem cells are “unspecialized,” meaning they have the capability of becoming another type of cell to be used in various places throughout the body. Some people answer “What are stem cells?” by describing them as the body’s raw materials.

Stem cells can help facilitate the healing of injuries to the bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. Motus Bio has extensive training from physicians in the United States with longstanding expertise in this field.

Where do stem cells come from?

The stem cells we use at Motus Bio—adult stem cells—come from one of two places.



Also known as adipose, fat is a main source of where stem cells come from. At Motus Bio, we are able to draw out stem cells using a liposuction procedure from the patient’s own body (typically drawn from the back of the love handle). The stem cells that come from adipose act like seeded fertilizer for the procedures we perform.

Bone Marrow

Motus Bio draws stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow. We do this where the back part of the pelvis meets the skin. Although this procedure is typically not considered painful, many times our patients experience anxiety going into extraction; in these cases, we may simply prescribe Valium to be taken a half hour before the procedure to treat the anxiety.


How do stem cells work?

When injuries are in a “pro healing” environment, they are more likely to heal correctly and more fully over the long term.

In both cases, we are able to harvest stem cells from a patient through his or her tissue and concentrate the cells in a centrifuge before using ultrasound technology to guide the stem cells into the area in need of treatment. Stem cells create the pro-healing environment when they are implanted into a particular area of injury by adapting to the area and promoting the creation of new cells.

Because stem cells are so versatile, we are able to use them for regenerative medicine in Kansas City. Regenerative medicine is the next step in answering “What are stem cells?” Motus Bio is able to utilize this treatment for a variety of pain points and illnesses, including:


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We are operated under the leadership of Dr. Michaud, a Stem Cell Doctor in Kansas City who attended medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago and completed her internship and residency in family medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She returned for fellowship training in primary care sports medicine at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas from which she graduated in 2013.