Are you experiencing shoulder arthritis in Kansas City?

Motus Biologics sees patients routinely for shoulder arthritis in Kansas City. If you’re beginning to experience shoulder arthritis symptoms, you may be asking yourself questions like “what is arthritis?” “why is this happening?” or “how can I treat it?”

Arthritis in the shoulder can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful and disruptive to your everyday life.

Dr. Leslie Michaud uses cellular therapies to help our patients achieve relief from shoulder pain. Our regenerative medicine treatment center in Kansas City offers shoulder arthritis treatment for patients who cannot afford the time, money, or complications that are associated with traditional surgical treatments.

Cellular products and growth factors are natural products from your own body that we harness to help create a better environment for pain and injury to begin to heal and repair itself.

And while there is no cure for arthritis, regenerative medicine treatment for arthritis can be an effective way to prolong or even eliminate the need for surgery.

Orthobiologics is especially helpful for treating shoulder arthritis when it’s in its early stages, as this can help heal and preserve the cartilage around the shoulder joints in the average population of patients.

Your life does not have to be ruled by shoulder pain. If you’re experiencing shoulder arthritis symptoms such as reduced range of motion, pain, or swelling, regenerative medicine treatment may be right for you.

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Motus Biologics can advise you on the best way to treat your shoulder arthritis in Kansas City. If you are not a good candidate for regenerative medicine treatment, our experienced team can connect you with the best physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons in the city to help find relief for your shoulder pain.

Check out our Online Guide to Arthritis for more information.

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