Rotator Cuff & Labral Tears
in Kansas City

Traditional orthopedic options appear to be limited, and these are often costly procedures with lengthy recovery times. We understand your pain. We meet patients every day suffering from partial and minimally retracted rotator cuff tears and labral tears. Motus Biologics offers shoulder orthobiologic treatments in Kansas City to patients looking for a noninvasive option to relieve shoulder pain.

Think of it as your body healing your body! Regenerative medicine treatments use your body’s own healing cells and reallocate them to initiate and accelerate the healing process.

knee tears
in kansas city

We meet patients every day suffering from meniscus tears, arthritis, tendonitis (patellar, quadriceps, hamstrings), ligament injuries such as sprains and tears, patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), bursitis, Baker’s cysts, and various cartilage conditions.

At Motus, we offer nonoperative knee cellular, growth factor & Tenex treatments in Kansas City to ideal candidates as an alternative to treat pain and prevent further wearing down of the joint. Motus is repairing the damaged parts of your knee. Traditional surgical methods aim to remove or “clean-out” (also known as debride) damaged and dead tissues such as tendon or cartilage. PRP contains growth factors that promote the natural healing process of your body. For those patients desiring more traditional methods of removing diseased tissue, we offer a less invasive alternative to surgery known as Tenex.

ligament tears
in kansas city

When a ligament is injured, this is known as a sprain. There are three grades of sprains. A grade I sprain involves stretching of the ligament with tiny microscopic tears. A grade II sprain is a tear of the ligament that is not the full thickness. Grade III sprains are ligament tears that are greater than 50% of the width of the ligament. Common sites of sprains include the elbow (UCL), knee (MCL, meniscus, and ACL), and ankle.

Once the proper diagnosis is established, we can design a customized treatment plan. Whether this is medications, bracing, physical therapy, biologics, or even surgery.