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What is a tendon?

Tendons are the structures responsible for connecting muscle to bone. They are made of mostly collagen and allow the muscle to function like a pulley during movement. When a tendon is injured, this is known as a strain. Strains can result in tendonitis or tendinosis. Common sites of tendon injury include the rotator cuff in the shoulder, elbow (tennis or golfer’s elbow), knee (patellar tendon), and ankle (Achilles tendon).

What is the difference between tendonitis and tendinosis?

Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon and can be caused by straining or overuse. Tendonosis is a more chronic condition lasting well over 6 weeks and is due to chronic injury resulting in accumulation of thickened and disorganized tendon that has failed to heal properly over time. There is no clear evidence that inflammation (tendonitis) will necessarily lead to degeneration (tendinosis).

What causes tendonitis and tendinosis?

These conditions can be the result of intrinsic or extrinsic factors, or a combination of both. Intrinsic factors can be things that are out of your control, like age or gender or even certain diseases. They can also be things like poor flexibility or an imbalance of muscle groups. Extrinsic factors are things like overtraining (such as running too much too quickly or lifting weights that are too heavy) or equipment errors like poor footwear or having your bicycle seat at the wrong height.

Which one do I have?

Motus is here to evaluate your tendon conditions in Kansas City. Your first appointment will consist of a normal doctor’s visit. We will ask you about your symptoms and previous treatments, perform a physical examination, and review any x-rays or MRI studies that you may have had.

Tendinitis and tendinosis look different from one another on ultrasound.  This will be performed during your visit and we may even ask you to make certain movements to assess the way the tendon is working in your body.

How are tendon conditions in Kansas City treated?

Once the proper diagnosis is established, we can design a customized treatment plan. Whether this is medications, bracing, physical therapy (to correct muscle imbalances or poor flexibility), equipment changes, PRP, Tenex, or even surgery. Motus is here to ensure that you are aware of all of the options available to you for your tendon conditions in Kansas City.

Should you not be a candidate for PRP or Tenex and require traditional surgery, Motus is happy to refer you to one of the many terrific local orthopedic surgeons, or to the surgeon of your choice.

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