Hip Arthritis Treatment in Kansas City

Hip Arthritis Symptoms

If you’re experiencing hip pain but aren’t sure if you have arthritis, your primary care doctor may have sent you for x-rays to check for this condition.

If there is deterioration of the joint space, you may be experiencing pain, reduced range of motion or strength, swelling, or stiffness, which are all hip arthritis symptoms. Groin, outer thigh, knee, or buttocks pain that feels dull and achy may also be a symptom of hip arthritis.

Diagnosis is just the beginning of understanding how your body works and how to treat hip arthritis in Kansas City.

Hip Arthritis Pain Relief

Hip arthritis pain relief may seem like a far-off concept if you’ve only just been recently diagnosed, but at Motus Biologics, we treat and monitor patients with hip pain on a routine basis.

Our practice offers alternative and regenerative medicine to patients in KC and across the country struggling with arthritis or other orthopedic injuries.

Will hip arthritis exercises work?

Excess weight is sometimes a contributing factor to arthritis, as this weight causes additional stress and wear to the joints. Adding to your exercise regimen and taking a look at your diet and eating habits may be a useful start to shedding this excess weight and easing the burden on your joints.

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Motus Biologics would be happy to provide you with advice for hip arthritis treatment in Kansas City. If you are not a good candidate for regenerative medicine treatment, our experienced team can connect you with the best physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons in the city to help find relief for your hip pain.

Check out our Online Guide to Arthritis for more information.

We want to be a continually evolving resource for our friends, family, and neighbors in Kansas City to help determine the right course of treatment for their needs.

If there are any additional questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.



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